This site is to provide information for the people that enjoy the backcountry, whether they are hikers, campers, horseback riders and packers that enjoyed spending time in the wilderness. Some folks go there just for Hunting, Fishing, Hiking and Camping. Whatever your reason is going to the backcountry, or your method of getting there, we hope this website will help you learn different ways to enjoy yourself. We try to show some of our volunteer work to help maintain the backcountry in cooperation with the Forest Service and BLM. We show A Lot of “Old Ways for Modern Days”. We also talked about surviving, emergencies in the backcountry. How you would handle any situation that comes up in the wilderness, such as a thunderstorm washing out a trail, or getting around a downed tree across the trail. We also talk about what happens when you are involved in a horse wrack.

We hope to have a lot of input from other experienced outdoors people, so that we can, all learn from others’ experience. We would also like to open up the minds of young people so they can see what it is like in the wilderness, and what the pioneers went through and how they survived moving west. Teaching these skills, and pass them on to the next generation.


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